And Her Name is Scorn

And Her Name is Scorn


Little Girl,

Never will Realize The Total Sum of Her Worth

Haunted By Words Past

Disdain had Long Ago Become the Norm

Brushed Off, Disregarded, Slighted, Omitted,  Typical Orders of The Day

Only Silent Doll Knows her Tears 



and Her Name is Scorn © 2011 Leonard.C. Gesinski

4 Responses to “And Her Name is Scorn”

  1. Scorn such a poison to beauty ………

    • Eileen,

      I was Opportunistic for this Piece, a Number of Articles and TV Articles about Abuse and What a Victim’s Life Looked like from Young to Adult.
      I’m Not Through with Abuse Yet, have Ideas on Further Tackling in Different forms Yet.


  2. ’tis the poet’s job to point out the ills- make ’em listen. while i think of it, i’m on the tablet, and for some reason this theme doesn’t work in the android browser. i have to pull it up in the mobile opera. sometimes there is an option where you check or uncheck a box? what it looks like is they tried to code it for a mobile view and messed it up. i’ll double check with the android system on my phone and get back to you.

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