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Season of Glass

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What Went Wrong > Miami Herald, December 20, 1...

What Went Wrong > Miami Herald, December 20, 1992 > Page 14 (Photo credit: juggernautco)

Season of Glass


Reflections Of Leaders 

Three Columns of Polarizing Ideals

Faces Beaming, Such Bright Plastic Smiles

Minds already Set on the Next Set Of Moves Ahead

Yes, a Series of Chess Matches Doomed to an Eternity of Stalemates

Disconnected from the Masses, Certainly Not a New Development

Centerstage, Trained Podium Speakers Staring Intently into an Electronic Void

Vague Promises Made,  Fitting so Perfectly into Such Pretty Little Legalistic Mazes of Convenience

Such is a Product of Career Lawyers, Business Minds, and Military Type with Schemed Mindsets

Bought By Special Interests, Selling Out The Needs of a Populace

The Hungry, Those in Need, Youth Dreaming of that Perfect Tomorrow

Sold Out from the Beginning, Long Before Their Voices Translate into Votes

Break the Flawed Scheme into Millions of Scattered Pieces

Never to be Reassembled into Monster it is Today




Season of Glass© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski


The Wanderer of Promised Sky

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Grasses (Photo credit: Matt Ohia)

The Wanderer of Promised Sky

Formless Conscience, Free of Past Strife

Knowing not any Boundaries,

A Directionless walk amongst Dew Dipped Greens

The Gentle Breeze forever My Silent Companion

Gentle Running of a Distant Brook, the Purest Suggestion of Peace

Trees, Grasses, and Wild Flowers Tickle My Eyes with Endless Allurement

Blended Colours Attract My Eyes, the Mind Well Engaged in all Natural Beauties

Yes, Sighs The Sentenced Soul of this Promised Sky

The Wanderer of Promised Sky© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski


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World Flipped Over

Only Where The Up Smacks Up Against The Down

Or Whence Opposites Can No Longer Avoid The Inevitable Pull

Senses Cloud Over

Many Voices Ringing Out, Ever So Loud

My Feeble Attempts to Discern between the Wisdom and Madness

Amidst the Cacophony.


The Struggle To Find, Yet Alone Walk a Straight Line

A Sea of Influences, Yet it seems a Rudderless Boat

Stubborn Soul Continues to Wander among the many Shadows

Night Does Eventually Give Way to The Dawn, then The Promise of New Days

The Never Ending Search for Clarity, perhaps an Improbable Utopian Flavoured

A Place with Never Ending Falls of Enthusiasm,  Impossible to Wane


Upside-Downside© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski

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