The Wanderer of Promised Sky


Grasses (Photo credit: Matt Ohia)

The Wanderer of Promised Sky

Formless Conscience, Free of Past Strife

Knowing not any Boundaries,

A Directionless walk amongst Dew Dipped Greens

The Gentle Breeze forever My Silent Companion

Gentle Running of a Distant Brook, the Purest Suggestion of Peace

Trees, Grasses, and Wild Flowers Tickle My Eyes with Endless Allurement

Blended Colours Attract My Eyes, the Mind Well Engaged in all Natural Beauties

Yes, Sighs The Sentenced Soul of this Promised Sky

The Wanderer of Promised Sky© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski

4 Responses to “The Wanderer of Promised Sky”

  1. looking to the future — always a challenge for the soul that carries hope

  2. Thank You So Much for Taking The Time To Read.
    A New Friend On One of My New FB Writing Groups Offered a Rather Beautiful Picture of Forest, with Filtered Sunlight. and Asked Any/All To Interpret. My Interpretation was a bit Serling’ish, A Forested Heaven and The Lone Prisoner Doomed To Wander It.

  3. Your words stand alone, as my mind takes me there.

  4. Thank You All, for the Time and Read…………..

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