Season of Glass

What Went Wrong > Miami Herald, December 20, 1...

What Went Wrong > Miami Herald, December 20, 1992 > Page 14 (Photo credit: juggernautco)

Season of Glass


Reflections Of Leaders 

Three Columns of Polarizing Ideals

Faces Beaming, Such Bright Plastic Smiles

Minds already Set on the Next Set Of Moves Ahead

Yes, a Series of Chess Matches Doomed to an Eternity of Stalemates

Disconnected from the Masses, Certainly Not a New Development

Centerstage, Trained Podium Speakers Staring Intently into an Electronic Void

Vague Promises Made,  Fitting so Perfectly into Such Pretty Little Legalistic Mazes of Convenience

Such is a Product of Career Lawyers, Business Minds, and Military Type with Schemed Mindsets

Bought By Special Interests, Selling Out The Needs of a Populace

The Hungry, Those in Need, Youth Dreaming of that Perfect Tomorrow

Sold Out from the Beginning, Long Before Their Voices Translate into Votes

Break the Flawed Scheme into Millions of Scattered Pieces

Never to be Reassembled into Monster it is Today




Season of Glass© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski

5 Responses to “Season of Glass”

  1. WOW – this blew me away – really

  2. must agree — the problem is within the process. then again, we all are given the same sound-bites upon which to base conclusions. you know? i think the only way to understand politics is to get involved locally …. in your city, town’s or county’s politics. something i myself have no desire to do! lol ………. but guess am saying might not be as bad as it looks. all sell-outs, but we’ve had sell-outs on the throne from time out of mind. the puppets haven’t changed — i suppose the puppetmasters are getting a little too greedy for their britches. proof is in the pudding as stocks rise while the very value of the dollar heads south. they tell you to save money so they can devalue it out from under your arse ….. how do you remain a man of conscience in a world that values the unconscionable. in a society that declares you must either steal or be stolen-from? which then places every personal value as a matter of owned-worth? one man feeling the bootheels of another as they climb up that pyramid ……………. the only answer is to take away the pyramid and just see what happens.

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