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Satanica (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



Verbal Shots Taken and Given in Equal Measure

                     The First Fingers Pointing with Accusations and Presumptions,

Acidic Words Punctuated By Cold Stares

                     Words of Warning, a Collective Chest Thumping of Bloodthirsty Ogres on Opposing Sides.

The Mounting of Ironclads in Far Off Waters,

                       a Study of Provocation vs Intent.

Chessmatch with Death’s Smiling Face,

                            In Wait Patiently for Inevitable Next Move,

Timing, Mere Seconds Frozen that Pass with Great Reluctance,

                      Tension ever so Palpable.

Steely Nerves Held True,

                      Trained Hands above Instruments of Mass Death await the beckoning.



Behemoth© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski/02/26/2012(0544)


….to the victor goes the spoils?

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Schmier of Destruction

Schmier of Destruction (Photo credit: Metal Chris)

….to the victor goes the spoils?

The Smoke Hovers Over a Blood Spewn Land

                         Man versus Man, Supposedly a Winner Takes All.

Let The Higher Thinkers of Tomorrow Ponder The Ultimate Worth of Devestation

                         Loss Touches All Who are Left, albeit Maimed.

No One Practices The Art of Cruelty Quite like Man

                          a Staggering List of Achievements: Starvation, Cheating, Lying, Beatings, Berating, Failure to Listen, Failure to Communicate,  Failure to Understand, Refusal to Reason….

So Much Farther, Do We Heartily Walk Away from Peace

                          War Is Not about backing Away from Supposed Conflict Is It?  

Timeless Practice, Tactical Minds Bent on Domination and Outright Destruction 

                           Peace and Reason Viewed as a Weakness and Submission.

Who Wins? Who Ultimately Gains? Are We Better after the War? Is Anybody? Have We Learned Anything Over Time……NO 

                           End Game…………………….

02/21/2012 End Game©2012 Leonard C. Gesinski

Dot on a Sill

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Sahara Desert

Sahara Desert (Photo credit: Euclid vanderKroew)

                                                                  Dot on a Sill

One In Countless, Mere Speck on a Planet of Many Deserts, Countless Grains of Sand.

One Planet Amongst How Many Planets? in How Many Swollen Galaxies? Complex Dance of Young and Old vs To Be and Long Forgotten

Holding onto a Value, a Quality that Strives to be, Hurricane Winds of Opposing Will Threaten to Loosen the Iron Fisted Grip.

Free Tending Spirit, Suddenly Latched onto Iron Rails, Blazing a Trail on a Freeway to Nowhere…….

Discarded Whims, mere Flicks of Human Dust-a Venturing Soul of the Cosmos.

Chorused Voices, a Collection of Lost Souls amongst the Silenced Screams of Somebody Else’s Private Hell, Shadowed Existence.

Complex Patterns, a Mix of Convoluted Maths, a Splashing of Theories on a Higher Plane.

Broken Measures, Poly Rhythms of a Musical Anticipation-a Delicate Dance and Short Distance it is between The Colours and Shapes of Complex Music and The Tomb Cold Feel of Numerics.

Quickened Image, a Trail of Amaranthine Colours, The Ending of One Starts The New of Yet Another

Endless Process, Timeless Scope of Events, The Bigger Picture of Elysium Tinted Thoughts

Go On Forever……..


Dot on a Sill©2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 02/20/2012

For Sky(Dancing with Wolves)

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wolf! (Photo credit: newrambler)

For Sky(Dancing with Wolves) RIP 02/06/2012

Child of The Earth,

Family, Only True Original Natives to the Land 

Time finally Came for When the Physical transitioned to Spiritual

Heeding an Inevitable Call

Internal Organs Failed, Never a Complaint was to be Heard or Noticed

Easy with Laugh, No Shortage of Smiles through the Pain

The Day Came, a Beckoning, and Feel, to a Call to another Place

May Your Soul Now Roam where Mortals Could only Dream

Peace never Quite Realized while of this Earth

I’ll Think of You By The River, as the Waters Smack the Side Banks,

Think of an Easy Going Demeanor amongst the Trees and Green of the Woods,

Sense a Voice in a Cool Spring Breeze,

Feel Your Presence in Open Spaces,

Realize Your Freedom in the Great Majestic Heights Realized by only Winged Wonders,

Great Peace To You at Last My Dear Online Friend, Rest in Peace.

02/19/2012 For Sky© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski


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scraped paint

scraped paint (Photo credit: otherthings)


Peeling Off The Layers,
Little Devices of Protection
Insecurities, Ego, Past Transgressions, …..
When and How To See The Real?
Encroachment of Hallowed Ground….?
Just a Moment to Peek Beyond the Guise, and Garb
into the Layers of Forbidden Knowledge
Keeping the Safety of Distance, a Well Made Up Front
Just Many of Disguises
Forever Looking Through Veiled Rooms for a Distant Truth
Amongst Delusions…
Poisoned Self Perceptions…
Smoke and Mirrors….
Private Little Kingdoms amongst Little Kingdoms
Many Places To Hide,
Still Running from a Childhood Hurt………..
How Deep Your Pains?

Layers© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski

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