scraped paint

scraped paint (Photo credit: otherthings)


Peeling Off The Layers,
Little Devices of Protection
Insecurities, Ego, Past Transgressions, …..
When and How To See The Real?
Encroachment of Hallowed Ground….?
Just a Moment to Peek Beyond the Guise, and Garb
into the Layers of Forbidden Knowledge
Keeping the Safety of Distance, a Well Made Up Front
Just Many of Disguises
Forever Looking Through Veiled Rooms for a Distant Truth
Amongst Delusions…
Poisoned Self Perceptions…
Smoke and Mirrors….
Private Little Kingdoms amongst Little Kingdoms
Many Places To Hide,
Still Running from a Childhood Hurt………..
How Deep Your Pains?

Layers© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski


One Response to “Layers”

  1. yea, no kidding. in some ways being analytical can be helpful–but in other ways it just sinks ya deeper.

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