….to the victor goes the spoils?

Schmier of Destruction

Schmier of Destruction (Photo credit: Metal Chris)

….to the victor goes the spoils?

The Smoke Hovers Over a Blood Spewn Land

                         Man versus Man, Supposedly a Winner Takes All.

Let The Higher Thinkers of Tomorrow Ponder The Ultimate Worth of Devestation

                         Loss Touches All Who are Left, albeit Maimed.

No One Practices The Art of Cruelty Quite like Man

                          a Staggering List of Achievements: Starvation, Cheating, Lying, Beatings, Berating, Failure to Listen, Failure to Communicate,  Failure to Understand, Refusal to Reason….

So Much Farther, Do We Heartily Walk Away from Peace

                          War Is Not about backing Away from Supposed Conflict Is It?  

Timeless Practice, Tactical Minds Bent on Domination and Outright Destruction 

                           Peace and Reason Viewed as a Weakness and Submission.

Who Wins? Who Ultimately Gains? Are We Better after the War? Is Anybody? Have We Learned Anything Over Time……NO 

                           End Game…………………….

02/21/2012 End Game©2012 Leonard C. Gesinski

2 Responses to “….to the victor goes the spoils?”

  1. would be so nice to be a force of construction and peace rather than destruction and war….

  2. Eileen,

    I Would Like to Think that at this point in History both Reason and Logic Could and Would Win out in The End-But that is My Very Own Utopian Flavoured Thinking.

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