March 2011

tortured soul (asboluv - stencil on cardboard)

tortured soul (asboluv – stencil on cardboard) (Photo credit: asboluv)

                    March 2011


Refracted Light

Life, as Through a Bottle of Jack

False Consolation

Shut Out The World, Save For One

Tortured Soul

Numbness Preferrable to Pained Memories

Self Bondage

Slow Death, Decade of Torture, Simply Gave Up

Shut Down

Memories Coming Back Now, From Boyhood to Manhood

Gone Year

365 Days of Countless What Ifs, and How Comes

Time Ticks

Thought to be Well Over Goodbyes

Resolution Now

The Thought Perhaps of Not Being Able to Change Anything

Moving On

Perhaps Lay To Rest a Tortured Soul, By Finally Saying Goodbye

Life is For The Living………………………………

March 2011© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski/02/19/2012(0544)


2 Responses to “March 2011”

  1. Ah Len, sometimes i wonder if some things were meant to be…
    sometimes i wonder which one of me
    lives inside that bottle
    It’s a sobering thought isn’t it?
    your words really hit home brother
    thanks for sharing them

    • John,
      Thanks for Taking The Time to Read, Contemplate, and Reply-So Much Appreciated!
      A Piece Sort of Helping Me Deal with the Death of My Cousin Robert-One Young Older than I.
      He Ended Up Shouldering the Blame of all kinds of Things in this Life, and Shut Out all but His Closest Friend.
      The Closest Friend Was the poor Soul Who Eventually Found The Body.
      I Wondered after as Well was there Something Else that Could have been Done? Or Changed?
      I Guess This Piece Can Be Viewed as a Life Lesson, as To What Not to Do.

      Thanks Brother…..LenG

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