Shutting Doors

[ The Door ]............EXPLORED 5/21....#117....

[ The Door ]…………EXPLORED 5/21….#117…. #4 for the week…thanks…again!! (Photo credit: ~Willa~)

Shutting Doors

Empty Campaigns, Hellbent Enthusiasm for Yet Another Dark Age

The Persecution of People

Oh, The Many Irrational Fears Coming to Light

Thank You Not

I’ll Not Take Part In, or Be Involved in the Backwards Progression

Mindless Masses

Hungry, Eating Up Angry Diatribe-Appetite from Dark Places

All Things Logical,

Not Even Part of Your Landscape of Possibilities, A Certainty of Shunning Away of The Positive

Broken Logic,

Ill Fitting Shoes, Not Fitting My Paradigm

Dark History,

Xenophobic Populace, Not Open to Embracing Change or Difference


Breath In, Breath Out……..


Break The Chain,

Dare to Be Different,

Dare To Think Differently,

Dare To Think Outside the Box,

Dare to Be open To New Things,

Dare To Embrace Difference,

Dare to Not be Part of the Growing Hate Machine and Mob Mentality…………………..



Shutting Doors© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 03/23/2012



5 Responses to “Shutting Doors”

  1. Thank god there are little candle flames still shining a light in the darkness
    Every single one makes a difference
    you have my vote Len, and my hand, keep shining brother!

  2. I really like this one, especially toward the end.

    • Martina, Thank You!
      I Had to Conclude My Ranting Piece in Some Sort of Positive Manner or At Least Offer Some Possible Remedy.
      Breaking The Chain is My Goal……

  3. If only the machine didn’t have so much money, power and momentum to grow at the speed it is. Even so, there are those who will fight it. 1 + 1 into infinity is enough to build an army of light and hope to challenge the machine…

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