Unending Path ...

Unending Path … (Photo credit: NJ..)



Cockeyed Hat atop Head

Unmistakeable Attitude

Fancy Yourself the ever Perfect Gangster

Slap Your Girls Hand with Force….

The Talking Down To Her….

Almost Seated, Just a raising of Back for Emphasis

Intimidation for Points Sake…..

One of Many Putdowns, Verbal Beatdowns

Feel that Rush?

Such a Real Man….


Or Just that You’ve Not Met Your Match Yet?

Sad, Sad Joke…….Pathetic Excuse



The Punches, the Slaps, The Incessant Yelling, Arguments

Unlimited and Unending Violence

Witnessed, and Intaking from Young On….

Daddy Sure Taught You Well…..

Long Line from the Past, Stretching Onward
Patterns of an Abuser…..

Familial Norms

Young Witness Shaping into Tomorrow’s Monster



? ? ? ? ?

Whitebread©Leonard.C. Gesinski 03/29/2012


6 Responses to “Whitebread”

  1. Len, this one makes for a talking point…the background is a story in the making.

  2. Martina,

    Thanks for Both Reading, Contemplating, and Replying-Much Appreciated!

    The Story Was Inspired By My Witnessing Some Behavior between a Couple at Breakfast This Week.
    ‘Whitebread’ became My Subject with His Slapping of The Girl’s Hand, Talking Down To(Rather Loudly), and Raising Himself Physically and Arching Back-I’ve Witnessed Spousal Abuse in Action in My Younger Years, Friends not Family.

    I’ve had Some Feedback on MY FB Poetic Groups, Two Strong Women, and One Older Dude…..One of The Women Witnessed Abuse from her dad to her Mom in Childhood, the Other Female Writer Blamed ‘Whitebread’s’ Girlfiend for Staying. The Lone Male Replier gave Me Credit for Writing about a Rather Tough Subject, but It Raised His Hackles.

    In Hindsight, (A)I Feel Like I Could have Extended this Piece Way Further-Providing Multiple Scenarios for all Subjects (B)Brief Extension, Just a Bit More on The Two Immediate Subjects, and Including their Child. I Chose with Letting The Reader Take It Where They Might Be Led.


  3. i think it’s like you say, and brave to tackle such a subject, Len. takes two to tango, and some power-plays are getting wrapped into the drawing of that negative response from the male. that’s why some gravitate to the blaming of the female in choices–for to stay means that are happy in some sense with the type of strings one is pulling. are content with that sense of power to effect the actions of another through emotive manipulation. however, one generally cannot perfunctorily judge whether that woman has the MEANS to leave an abuser, or not. for the most part we strive in our society to grant that, but it is not always so.

    and…. *sigh here* ….. there is the male that WANTS excuses to get violent or angered, with any person that conditions their actions to appease, the man just sets the bar lower. to the effect saying “hi” gets a slap across the face. complicated–yes. beyond measure? maybe not for the sense that exploring ways to create LESS abusive relationships in our society overall, is a worthy goal.

    • Thanks E,
      I’m Getting Quite a Range of Feedback on/from This Piece.
      From Both Male and Female Perspectives.
      Thanks So Much for Both The Reply and Feedback.

  4. Agree this is a tough subject to handle with any kind of simply observatory response. The nature of it evokes emotions (usually strong ones), regardless of gender. You pinpointed the beginnings, though, and props to you for not only recognizing it but pointing it out to the readers…many of which probably do not know (or do not want to admit to knowing). I think it was a wise choice to leave it open-ended…because you didn’t spell it out, it leaves room for hope. And hope is especially important in such dark pieces.

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