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Premier écrans après installation

Premier écrans après installation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Vagabond Heart Seeks

Unrequited Love, Soon Crushed

Endless Search, Timeless


Wayward Hipster Prowls

Streets Being Canvass, Loose Mores

Mollycoddled Lust Perused


Tempestuous Storm

Full Fury, Only Nature’s Disdane

Trumpeting Measure


Conscience(of) Mazed Pathways

All Blurred Realizations

Mundane Discourse Left


Man of Cloth, Cold Smile

Unearthing Mysteries Past

See Flipside, Only Truth


Caress of Cold Steel

Calling One’s Name, Delusion

Perception, One’s Finis


Carnage Help Fester

Animus Quatrains Future

Derelict Prospect


Smarmy Git, Blow Hard

Wreaking Havoc, Sense Quite Nill

Understudied Fool

Haiku(04/30/2012)©Leonard.C. Gesinski



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Bolam Lake on a mild Winter day Looking West f...

Bolam Lake on a mild Winter day Looking West from the North East corner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Past Mild Winter, Nothing Now but a Distant Mem’ry.

Welcoming Mother Nature’s Insistence that Buds and Green-

-Start Ushering in a New Season Some Five Weeks back.

A Sun Drenched Gravel Walkway,

My Eyes Fixed Upon an Upright Clock at the Path’s Cross-

-Which Starts to Fade from a Distant Place.

A Start of Many Wandering Daydreams that Caress My Mind.

Syncopated Pitter-Patterings of The Local Runners Stomping Feet Upon Gravel Mixed

in with the Songs of  Anxiously Chirping Birds, and Chattering Squirrels Ever at Play in The Surrounding Trees.

A Once Damaged Spirit, Slowly being Revived and Recovered,

 in Only How Nature, In all of Her Exquisite Glory Could Possibly Provide.

0001 ©Leonard.C. Gesinski 04/13/2012

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