pavor nocturnus

Pavor Nocturnus (Sanctuary)

Pavor Nocturnus (Sanctuary) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

pavor nocturnus

The Shadowy Ones Pass and Continue to Dart About The Room..

I Stare Ahead

Sweating More and More, No Longer Capable of Noticing the Increased Trembling.

Pitter-Patter Heart Races, Pulse Speeding…….

There in the Corner, Something Moves, or a Trick of The Moon’s Light?

…in The Hallway, Did Something Just Walk Past?

On The Ceiling, The Light Fixture Seems to Sway

Closet Door Opening…… Squea-eeeeeaaakkkkk…..


Quickly Jumping Back in Bed….

Clutching Pillow, Slithering Back Under The Sleeping Bag

….It’s Not Real, It’s Not Real, It’s Not Real

WAKE UP!  It’s Only a Bad Dream…….


Damn the Phantoms and Their Foul Screams….

Chased Here and There, Through the Countless and Never-ending Foggy Corridors
umbra, penumbra, and antumbra  

Teasing My Mind’s Eye With Thine Heinous Flicks

Torment My Soul to it’s Very Last Step and Scream


…… is Not Mine to be Had


pavor nocturnus© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 05/17/2012


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