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Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)

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English: Footsteps in the shingle A beachcombe...

English: Footsteps in the shingle A beachcomber had just walked by, collecting small pieces of amber which are frequently washed up on this stretch of Suffolk coastline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Footprints in the fields Although reg...

English: Footprints in the fields Although registered as a public footpath, very few people walk this route these days. This is one of the less boggy fields we walked through… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)


I Give Heed,

Visions, Words, and Experiences.

All Seem to have been Ruminated Over,

By The Greatest Minds Over Time.


Not Stepping into  

But, an Honest Try at Reinterpretation.

Perhaps Seeing What Could Be Left,

the Tidbits and Morsels Left to be Discovered.


The Modern Day,

A Place Where I Truly Exist, and give Witness To.

Alas, Human Elements Bleed onto and Help Colour Interpretation,

(But) An Honest Attempt at Giving Witness to.


Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 07/15/2012



Outside the Lines

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LE DOBALI THIES (Photo credit: jooseph)

Two plane waves viewed from above. Black/Blue ...

Two plane waves viewed from above. Black/Blue lines represent wave peaks. White spaces between lines represent troughs. Yellow areas produce bright lines of constructive interference. The dark areas produce dark lines of destructive interference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Outside the Lines

Ghost of a Chance

an Inner Lion Awaits The Inevitable Pouncing

Made a Victim,

By Only One’s Fated Choices

Colour a Cycle, with Past Experiences.

The Serpent Master bides It’s Time,

Whispering No More.

While the Ventose Harlequin’s Offering of a Paradoxical Stew

Starts a Melding of Thought Processes,

Labyrinthine Corridors of Morals and Standards

Varying Shades of Gray,

with a Periodic Overlay of Black.

Singularity is Nil,

As the Delirium of Madness

Casts It’s Shadows Long, Cold, and Dark,

Laughter from the Unseen Depths,

a Beckoning of Sorts.

Lunacy Be Thy Name…..


Outside the Lines© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 05/27/2012


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