Outside the Lines


LE DOBALI THIES (Photo credit: jooseph)

Two plane waves viewed from above. Black/Blue ...

Two plane waves viewed from above. Black/Blue lines represent wave peaks. White spaces between lines represent troughs. Yellow areas produce bright lines of constructive interference. The dark areas produce dark lines of destructive interference. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Outside the Lines

Ghost of a Chance

an Inner Lion Awaits The Inevitable Pouncing

Made a Victim,

By Only One’s Fated Choices

Colour a Cycle, with Past Experiences.

The Serpent Master bides It’s Time,

Whispering No More.

While the Ventose Harlequin’s Offering of a Paradoxical Stew

Starts a Melding of Thought Processes,

Labyrinthine Corridors of Morals and Standards

Varying Shades of Gray,

with a Periodic Overlay of Black.

Singularity is Nil,

As the Delirium of Madness

Casts It’s Shadows Long, Cold, and Dark,

Laughter from the Unseen Depths,

a Beckoning of Sorts.

Lunacy Be Thy Name…..


Outside the Lines© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 05/27/2012


5 Responses to “Outside the Lines”

  1. oh but to quack like a loon is to warble like a duck. interesting pic …..

    • LOL, I Had a Friend from Last Summer in Mind When Writing this Piece. Tony Lived Out of His Car, and Still had a Small Number of Advanced Students that He gave Guitar Lessons to to Support Himself. Tony and I had a Number of Occasions to Sit Outside and Chat for 6-9 Hours at Times. Subjects Ranging from Poetry to Philosophy to Comparisons of Musicians Bach to Pastorius to Classical to to Jazz to Progressive Rock and On and On-Fascinating Dude Who Was a Brilliant Guitarist/Overall Musician. One Day His Home a Car Died Out, and I Lost Track Of Tony.

  2. A lot of wandering thoughts here (although interesting subjects). Sorry to hear you lost track of your friend, but am glad you got so much enjoyment from his friendship. Funny how people affect us, isn’t it? Some are just briefly in our lives and yet impact it so deeply, while others are there much longer but barely register a ripple.

  3. It Goes To Show that We are Together for Sometimes only a Season, Last Summer Was Proof of that. I Try as Best as I can to Enjoy, and Make the Best Out of Friendships. You are So Right about the Differences of How Deep We Can Get With Some People, and Yet So Distant with Others.

  4. It is true…the length is not what it is about but the depth…some of the most impacting people have been people who have zoomed in and out so quickly

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