Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)

English: Footsteps in the shingle A beachcombe...

English: Footsteps in the shingle A beachcomber had just walked by, collecting small pieces of amber which are frequently washed up on this stretch of Suffolk coastline. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Footprints in the fields Although reg...

English: Footprints in the fields Although registered as a public footpath, very few people walk this route these days. This is one of the less boggy fields we walked through… (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)


I Give Heed,

Visions, Words, and Experiences.

All Seem to have been Ruminated Over,

By The Greatest Minds Over Time.


Not Stepping into  

But, an Honest Try at Reinterpretation.

Perhaps Seeing What Could Be Left,

the Tidbits and Morsels Left to be Discovered.


The Modern Day,

A Place Where I Truly Exist, and give Witness To.

Alas, Human Elements Bleed onto and Help Colour Interpretation,

(But) An Honest Attempt at Giving Witness to.


Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 07/15/2012


9 Responses to “Footprints(Where Giants Once Walked)”

  1. poem and photographs are wonderful Len.

  2. Nice reflections Len

  3. Thank You Martina, and Thank You John-So Much Appreciated!

  4. does nicely on the re-read ….. since i mentioned stepping, and if applied would say you are a better soul than me to look for that which is great in those other tread-marks

    • Eileen, Thank You…..I’m Just in One of Those What Is In The Bigger Picture Moods, Exploring a bit, Thinking Outloud and Letting It Bleed into My Work.

  5. “Not Stepping into

    But, an Honest Try at Reinterpretation.

    Perhaps Seeing What Could Be Left,

    the Tidbits and Morsels Left to be Discovered.”

    I loved this stanza…I do this, too. We can stand on the shoulders of giants or walk in their footsteps, but who is to know – perhaps we are giants in the making? 🙂 Thanks for sharing the pictures and your unique insight with us, LenG. You remind me to strive for greatness but also remember to be humble.

  6. Thank You!

    We Are Always Striving to be Better and Even Perhaps Achieve Greatness, but it took a Simple Combination of Hemingway Short Stories, Some Poetry and Sharp Critique by Ezra Pound, and a Number of Pieces by Emily Dickinson to Get Me to Think of the What If’s in Combining and /or Mixing and Melding of Three Literary Giants that Continue to Impress, Make Me Think, and Enjoy Their Work(s) for Many Complex Reasons.

    We Can Be Giants, Time Will Tell…We All Continue to Strive Ahead and Upward with Our Overall Writing, Blogs, Photography, and Many Artforms.

    It’s Rare That I Do Not Run Across an Incredible Piece of Poetry, Short Story, Photography, or a Blog with that ‘Thinking Outside of the Box’ Quality each Week-From My Biased Point of View I Feel as if Surrounded By Modern Day Giants.

    What Will The Readers of Tomorrow Think? How Will They Interpret? Will They Interpret?

    Thank You…..

    P.S, I’m Stuck in Place with Three Pieces, and One that I Wish to Offer To My Wife Jen First and Privately before Sharing.
    Posts Like This/These Give a Great Boost.

    Thanks So Much, and Take The Greatest of Care…..


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