mario world-perhaps

mario world-perhaps (Photo credit: g_cowan)



Little Bird

With Still Unclipped Wings

Fly a Clear Path,

Towards Open Skyways

Continue The Hope,

…Seeking the Promise,

The Place of a Million Tomorrows.

A World Perhaps,

Where the Sun

Need  Not Ever Set

Sailing Onward,

Towards Pathways and Unbroken Promises

Never to Look Back,

Forgetting the Memories,

Turning Blind Eyes

 to the Cataclysm Left Behind.


Unjaded© Leonard.C. Gesinski  All Rights Reserved 07/15/2012



6 Responses to “Unjaded”

  1. Len, this is such a great poem !!!! Love it!

  2. Martina, Thank You So Very Much!

  3. such a wonderfully uplifting write ….

  4. Eileen, Thank You So Much!

  5. I want to be that little bird. 🙂 Thank you for the hope, my friend.

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