English: Healing Garden at Celebration Health.

English: Healing Garden at Celebration Health. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


List of images in Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries

List of images in Gray’s Anatomy: VI. The Arteries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



heal? (Photo credit: atomicity)






Long and Cold


the Marbled Floors


Distract the Eyes


Away from


the Sterilized Effluvium




Burnt Deep Into the Senses


Cold Familiarities.


No Longer an Enemy.


Memories Abound, Long Ago Pasts


Other Places, of Non Ending, Curling, and Tailing


Floors and many Rooms and Mirrors and Lights


Here, both Life and Death


Walking Side-by-Side, biding Time


Amongst the Practitioners




as Paroxysm, Maladies, Pain, and Healing abound


a Testing of the Will for Life.




a Place, Where Stories Begin, Continue and End.








Labyrinthine© Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved 07/23/2012


Dedicated to All that are Healing, and in Hospitals All Over……..


4 Responses to “Labyrinthine”

  1. That is an interesting choice for a title word. I have been in hospitals several times in my life, and it describes those white, sterile hallways very well. It also does a good job of describing the maze that is the human body – those doctors and surgeons must have nerves of steel to navigate it on a daily basis.

    • I Have Nothing But The Highest of Admiration for Doctors, Surgeons, Specialists, and Nurses for being So Steady.
      My 70-something Year Old Mom had Surgery in the Last Ten Years for a Broken Left Femur, Broken Ankle, and Many Stints for Dehydration and Complications due to Her 20-some Year Battle with M/S–My Admiration Grows More with Each Given Year for These Folks for having Such Grace Whilst Under Pressure.

  2. i never have trouble finding my way in ….. it’s finding the door again that always seems a challenge.

    • Always a Challenge or a Few Challenges to Navigate.
      My Mom’s Floor also has The Alzheimer’s Patients, a Good Friend’s Mom Passed away in the Last Few Years. Alzheimer’s Having Robbed Her Memory.
      I Walk Through The Hospital Not with a Long Face, but with an Understanding and Compassion.

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