Scabbard of Secrets

English: Cookham dagger and scabbard, British ...

English: Cookham dagger and scabbard, British Museum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scabbard of Secrets


Briefest Reflection, of a Face

Glimpsed Between, Licks of Flame.

Silently Reflected Upon,

the Blade of a Gleaming Dagger.

Lifelong Wish of Excising, a Well Rooted Darkness Within.

And All it Would Take, Is an ever Tempting Twist of the Dagger.


So Sweet

So Close

And Yet,

So Very Far


Beginning to End

The Briefest Glance of a Checkered Life


The Common Low Caitiff

Becomes The Hunted


A Flip of Conscience,

Voices of Unaccounted Innocents

Feed Into the Thunderous Cacophony


Scabbard of Secrets© Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved 07/05/2012



8 Responses to “Scabbard of Secrets”

  1. If only I had half your vocabulary, this is well written and well read. Nice one Len!

    • Thank You Martina,
      I Love to Research The Origins of Words, and Their Meanings Throughout the Years.
      Never a Dead Word or Phrase, only a Bit Dust Perhaps.

      I Still Feel Like I Need To Tighten The Work Up-Perhaps Some Rephrasing to Leadoff.

      Thanks You and Take Great Care!

  2. yea i was left sort of confused, which granted isn’t hard to do with me. like sounded like vampires and killing and rooting for the hitman …. and couldn’t really apply. the first stanza sounds like egging on someone to go ahead and commit suicide. just didn’t seem like you ….

    • Eileen,
      You are The Last One That Ever Seems Confused.
      I’m Guilty of Using Al Capone as Influence for My Subject Write. More Specifically AC’s Neuro-Syphilis Rotting His Brain-Sort of Karma for all of The Lifetime of Criminal Behavior. Day after Day of Reading about Inncent People of All Ages, Genders, Races, and Places being Killed Gets To Me. While It’s Not in My Normal Way to Cheer On a Suicide, or Cheer that Somebody is Going to Die…’s difficult for Me to Deal With Day after Day of Senseless Shootings, Bombings, Killings, and Maimings of Innocent People.

      To Put Things Into perspective, I Got Outside of Normal Self on and with this Piece. Misguided Sense of Justice by of Boomerang Karma is no Better than The Takers of Innocent Lives in Hindsight.

  3. yea i noticed that one writer from your area has the thing going on with researching jack the ripper …. and with the mass murders recently, is a heavy topic. murder is something i never understood and probably never will.

  4. Dane’s Been researching JTR for a Looooonnnng Time, We all have Our Grooves……

  5. Despite the dark subject matter of this one, I liked the way it was written. The piece almost had the shape of a dagger. 🙂 It does make one wonder what is it that makes it “okay” in a person’s mind to kill innocents? Perhaps the ‘cacophony’ (to use your wonderful word) inside those minds is one of sadistic, wretched voices that drown out all reason and/or compassion.

    • dragonkatet,

      The Many Varied Reasons That Make It Okay to Kill Innocents, So Much Tragedy.

      I Agree with the Cacophony drowning Out Reason and Compassion, becoming More of a Tool.

      Thank You!

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