The Bridge

Grave  Marker Theology

Grave Marker Theology (Photo credit: mtsofan)

English: Cranwell Swing Bridge, Kennet and Avo...

English: Cranwell Swing Bridge, Kennet and Avon Navigation The fisherman sits peacefully, knowing that neither he nor his quarry will be disturbed by passing boats, as this stretch of the waterway was still unnavigable in 1976. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bridges over frozen waters

Bridges over frozen waters (Photo credit: Allie’s.Dad)

The Bridge


In The Days and Months Following Your Passing,

Finding Myself Still Staring at the Grave Marker.

The Touch of Fingers to the Cold Marble,

Holding Out for and Wishing for Just One More Touch of Hands, a Wish to Rekindle What Once Was.

Still Unable to Exorcise the Revenant of Times Past.

The Foggy Dreams, a Distant Figure Imploring, a Silent Pleading,  a Beckoning Forward.

Then Two Crossing a Bridge Spanning a Murky Expance, Heading to Opposite Sides,

Turning Briefly, and  Facing Each Other…..

Knowing Smiles are Exchanged, a Silent Knowing between the Two


One of This Life and Time…the Here and Now, and One having Transcended the Shackles of Mortality.


The Bridge© Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved 08/16/2012

10 Responses to “The Bridge”

  1. Words fit nicely with the images.

  2. Your poems always touch a chord in me somewhere brother Len
    for some reason I am reminded of the following lines…

    I believe in a world, that we’re not living in,
    It’s living inside us, it don’t end, or begin
    I’ve felt it in silence; I’ve seen it in dreams
    There’s a door that is no door,
    That you can never go in

    Just come when you’re ready
    Not a moment before
    And like ghosts, to the shadows
    We will open that door

    Thanks for sharing

  3. Zachary Bavirsha Says:

    Thanks so much for sharing John and Len.


  4. This was effective, LenG. It read like a “Foggy Dream” – the images and feelings were quite clear, but the way you put them together made them seem more dream-like. Nicely penned.

  5. Great how you created de timeless communication between the two bridges. Only a skilled poet can do that 🙂

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