Rapacious Tendencies(Baby, Feed the Monster?)

Kill the Monster Before It Eats Baby

Kill the Monster Before It Eats Baby (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Monster flower

Monster flower (Photo credit: kevin dooley)

Rapacious Tendencies(Baby, Feed the Monster?)


Hungry and Devouring at Quickening Rate

The Teaming of What We Make

Still Sewing the Seeds of Cancers,

 Own Choice and Making


The Promise of Tomorrow’s Youth

To Line the Pockets of Today

Well Tested Wisdoms

Borne of an Experienced Yesteryear

Not Fitting

For the Rampant Me-ism of Today

Tossed Away,


Only To Trip Back O’er the Obstacles of Yesteryear

Blinded, a Lemming’s March forward to the Precipice

Oh, Human Follies and Foibles Continue To Widen and Deepen

An Abyss of  Arrogance and Indifference

Rapacious Tendencies(Baby, Feed the Monster?)© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 09/14/2012(0545)

2 Responses to “Rapacious Tendencies(Baby, Feed the Monster?)”

  1. “Rampant Me-ism” indeed. Will we never learn? I think you nailed it – the monster that is consumerism and greed has morphed into something nigh-unstoppable, now. And the younger generations aren’t as aware as they need to be to even begin to try and stop it. Hell, they’re the main ones FEEDING it. It IS an abyss of arrogance and indifference. Sad to see.

    • lengesinski Says:

      The Younger Generations Were Not Brought Up the Same Way, So Much Easier to Slip into the Void.
      No Answers, Just Relegated to being Silent Observers Issuing the Occasional Warning.

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