The Roaring Of Dragons(That Cannot be Seen)

English: High mag. Image:Nodular lymphocyte pr...

English: High mag. Image:Nodular lymphocyte predominant Hodgkin lymphoma – very high mag.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Roaring Of Dragons(That Cannot be Seen)


Cellular Level Invaders

Of  Lurking  Dangers Underneath

Striking ‘fore Awareness


Endless Strings of Tests, Numb

Diagnosis Frozen Standstill

Realities of Shock


How Long or Short the Span, Time Stilled

Testing Mettle, Gauge Inner Resolve

Soul-Searching Trudge Ahead


Surgeries, Extractions, Healings

Soul-Searching, Reaching Deep Inside

Finding New Meanings, Clarity

The Roaring of Dragons(That Cannot be Seen)©2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 10/28/2012

This Piece Was Inspired By Robert Gibbons  Piece ‘A Lump’-For Breast Cancer Awareness)……and on a More Personal Level for My Own Father(Leonard) Who Passed on Some 17 Years Earlier after a Courageous Battle with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

4 Responses to “The Roaring Of Dragons(That Cannot be Seen)”

  1. Makes me realize that life in the biological sense has no meaning within the vast complexity of nature. It’s only our personal legacy that counts.
    Thanks, Leng!

  2. Dragons, indeed. Who would then be the “white knight” to conquer such a dragon? The surgeon with his scalpel as his sword? The priest, to give last rites to the soul before it leaves? I am sorry for your loss. I believe that we cannot possibly find the kind of clarity of which you speak until we take up arms and face the beast ourselves. I hope you never have to do so, LenG.

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