She Rages

Absolute Fury Displayed

Dearth of Compassion

As the Winds Howled Louder and Harder

The Sea was Pushed Up Over The Land

No Quarter, No Quarter

As Lives, Homes, and All Things Equally

Were Laid to Waste

A Final Relenting, Passing


Picking Up The Many Broken Pieces, Resetting, Resettling

Reality Slaps the Face Again

Counting and Feeling The Full Effect of Loss


Raging©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(05/29/2012)


2 Responses to “Raging”

  1. Thank you, for sharing your words. They’re powerful and full! Well written, filled with texture, colors and feeling. There is much to read. I will definitely be returning to continue my journey. Yes, I am now following your blog. You are a lovely surprise!

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