Exit Stage Left……

Tres Hombres

Tres Hombres (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Exit Stage Left……

Hello Old Friends

A Simple Nod to Times Past

The Hair is Lesser or Gray These Days

A Bit Crustier We Certainly Are

Few Hours Sharing Laughs, We’ve Not Lost That

Uncovering So Many Exploits Past

How Did The Time Go So Quickly?

Tres Hombres Staring at Fifty

Minus the Hubris of Youth

Acceptance of What Truly Is

No Illusions, No Fear, No Defiance

 Just Different Dreams and Wandering Paths

Took the Longest To Figure Out

That the Twinkle was always in Our Eyes

Focus was on Things Far and Distant Places

For a Morning,


And Young Again……..


Exit Stage Left© Leonard.C. Gesinski 11/17/2012

7 Responses to “Exit Stage Left……”

  1. “And young again’, that’s the key to life…lovely poem..hope you publish your work soon. You resonate well.

  2. This poem respnates with me. I often share with friends regarding time spentI doing a life review. Reflecting on the past, embracing the present and looking towards the future with expectation. and wonder.

  3. i don’t get together with old friends, unless they are still friends. probably should change that.

    • E,
      Numbers of Odd Circumstances Got Us All Together Again.
      The Wildness of Our Teens and Twenties Out of the Way, We See Things Differently, We Discuss Things in a Different Manner.
      We Got Tired Of Meeting Only Because it Happened to be at a Close One’s Funeral…..

      E, Provided that Interest and Common Things, and a Genuine Want to Meetup Again.
      One of the Two Friends is an Author, and an Artist-Largely Some Very Cool Symbolist Stuff.
      The Other Buddy is an Old Roommate, and I Count as My Friend for the Longest Amount of Time(Just a Couple Clicks Short of the 40 Mark). We Have Fun, Laugh, Talk about Old Times, but by the Second Breakfast We Find Ourselves Discussing Things Forward and Time Missed Between. a Very Interesting Time with Two Very Interesting Friends.

  4. Young again or still young? 🙂 How lucky you are to have such good and long-known friendships. I’m sure you know how rare that is, especially in this day and age. So glad you have cherished friends to join you on the journey! So many don’t know what a treasure true friends can be.

    • I See it as Re-Igniting Friendships that Were ‘Sleeping’ to a Degree. I Shared with Eileen that We Tired of Complaining to Only Meeting Upon Somebody’s Passing, and did Something about it.
      We Still Get Goofy, It’s Quite Liberating to be or Feel 20-Something for 120 Minutes at a Time.
      Thank You!

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