Free-Formed Haiku(11/20/2012)

Free-Formed Haiku(11/20/2012)


Chaser of the Stars

Vaguest Glimpse Infinity  

Scattered Dusts Times Past


Haiku© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 11/20/2012

5 Responses to “Free-Formed Haiku(11/20/2012)”

  1. I am a fan of Haiku and write often in this form. Well done!

  2. nice to revisit this …….. i look at the stars as part of our explanations. common belief and similar vision, being right not so important as the quest.

  3. My favorite of all your haikus so far! It makes me want to put this on a picture of a comet or shooting star. 🙂 You seem to naturally have a knack for haiku, Len. An ear for how it should sound (not just the syllables, but the lyrical flow of it) and a good enough vocabulary to come up with some fantastic lines to convey your meaning. Yep, this one is my favorite so far!

    • Thank You.
      Quite Honestly, I Use Free Formed Haiku/American Haiku as a Form to Knock Things Free.
      I Like to Experiment with Different Forms Behind the Scenes to Varying Degrees of Success but Never Satisfied Enough to Share.
      Thank You, I’ve Come to Embrace the Form.

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