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A Moment’s Kiss

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A Moment’s Kiss


Hesitation’s pause


like longest hours


there for the taking

but for an ever twirling dance

…uncertainty’s cold paralysis


lost moments

 …ticking off

never once halted

time’s staid guardianship




the plane of indecision is broken


this, the first of many


stolen moments



A Moment’s Kiss©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/29/2012)


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Jagged Cold Winds

Ever Wildly Galloping

Under Canopy


Gray Skies

Readying for

Winter’s Frigid Embrace

As Seasons Change


The Wicked Immediacy


Of Turning Colours

of Autumn

Rudely Ushered Out

For Snows and Cold


Prepare to Cover


In Preperation


Her Slumber


Eventual Renewal

And Promise


Kiss of Spring


Tosen©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/21/2012)


Special Thanks to Friend and Poet Maria Pomsaharova for a Much Appreciated Suggestion….


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Led Out of Darkness

Eyes Focused Pinpoints of Light

Hope Challenges Heart



Better Days Ahead

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Progression Teasing



Exercise Caution

Blind Steps Circles Frustration

Digging Hole Deeper

Haiku(1-2-3)12182012©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/18/2012)


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Tantalus [ ]. engravingCategory:technique with...

Tantalus [ ]. engravingCategory:technique with mounted parameter. Ø 31 cm. ,, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. 1978/16/1. 1978colon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Teasing the Angels

With Damning Cup

Full to the Brim



Cursed as

Tantalus’ forever Cursed Reachings

Towards Branches

of Such Poisoned Fruit Above

Teased from afar

Faintest Twinkling,

Briefest Glint

Fool’s Gold

Cursed to be Pulled Back

By The Weight

Of Own Blinding Greed

Into the Swallowing Echoed

Dark Abyss Below

No Matter,

For Once Again

The Cost Will be Dared

Reality be Damned

Perpetual©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/18/2012)


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Many Pardons

For any Numbed Slumberings

No Longer Capable of

Deeper Empathy

Blunted Senses

Pulverized by

Constant Stream

Of Everyday News of the World

Leave it to We Humans

To Perfect

the Art of Inhumanity


Wakerife©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/16/2012)

Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts

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As Sparks Transformed

to an All Consuming Inferno

Gradually Built Animosities

Built One by One by One-Thousand

The Day Came

Where The Accumulated Hammered Chiseled Bits

Widened Miscroscopic Cracks to Gaping Fissures

In the Broken Mind

A Deranged Person’s

Gunshots Rang Out

Leading to Massacre of Twenty-some

One Dark Friday


……Potential’s Unrealized

…….Smiles Left Etched in Memory Alone

………Questions Upon Questions

……..Spinning Rationalizations


No Answers



Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts©2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 12/14/2012

Haiku 12102012

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Haiku 12102012

Choosing Thoughts Wisely

Power of Careless Words Harm

If Used Without Care

Haiku12102012©Leonard.C. Gesinski

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