Ghost of the Present

Ghost of the Present



Living Vicariously

Just Allowing

The Shadows to Pass

In Between Places


Hidden Regrets

Sounds from other Times

Past Places

As the

Sights Pass from Eyes

to Gray Hidden Places

Memories Off

Foggy Landscapes

Even Vaguer Recollections

Buried Deeper

Listed Between


Discerning Between

Realities and Fantasies

Mere Smoke and Ashes

Ghost of the Present© 2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 12/03/2012

3 Responses to “Ghost of the Present”

  1. hints and mystery …. i like this.

  2. If I hadn’t read the title, I would have pegged this as a piece about a possible “past life” experience, but the title gives it a different feel. Or maybe that’s the whole point, that we can be here in the present and still have the ‘ghost’ of a past life or memories which we may never know where they came from, haunt us in the here and now. Whether you believe in past lives or not, it’s an interesting quandry.

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