Free-Formed Haiku 12/04/2012(1-2-3)

Free-Formed Haiku 12/04/2012(1-2-3)

Tawdry Colloquy

As Silent Partner Nods Head

Counterpoint Conquers


Free-Formed Haiku 12/04/2012(2)


Grey Clouds Blanket Skies

Tempests Lie Back Await Chance

Promised Deluge Waits 


Free-Formed Haiku 12/04/2012(3)


Soliloquy Drones

Modulation Echoes Bounce


Free-Formed Haiku 12/04/2012(1-2-3)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/04/2012)

2 Responses to “Free-Formed Haiku 12/04/2012(1-2-3)”

  1. the science not of music production but music appreciation; i wonder about that sometimes. if it is mostly the rhythms and beats that resonate with our own determinism. or if music is magic and magic is the one thing that outlives us all.

  2. That’s a deep thought, E. I believe your last sentence is truth. 🙂 I like the second Haiku best in this set, Len.

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