Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts




As Sparks Transformed

to an All Consuming Inferno

Gradually Built Animosities

Built One by One by One-Thousand

The Day Came

Where The Accumulated Hammered Chiseled Bits

Widened Miscroscopic Cracks to Gaping Fissures

In the Broken Mind

A Deranged Person’s

Gunshots Rang Out

Leading to Massacre of Twenty-some

One Dark Friday


……Potential’s Unrealized

…….Smiles Left Etched in Memory Alone

………Questions Upon Questions

……..Spinning Rationalizations


No Answers



Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts©2012 Leonard.C. Gesinski 12/14/2012


5 Responses to “Faint Whispers to Deafening Shouts”

  1. always hit the nail on the head – so much needs to be considered. i like how you slow down a process to look at it.

  2. It’s hard to think about isn’t it…

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