Tantalus [ ]. engravingCategory:technique with...

Tantalus [ ]. engravingCategory:technique with mounted parameter. Ø 31 cm. ,, Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki. 1978/16/1. 1978colon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Teasing the Angels

With Damning Cup

Full to the Brim



Cursed as

Tantalus’ forever Cursed Reachings

Towards Branches

of Such Poisoned Fruit Above

Teased from afar

Faintest Twinkling,

Briefest Glint

Fool’s Gold

Cursed to be Pulled Back

By The Weight

Of Own Blinding Greed

Into the Swallowing Echoed

Dark Abyss Below

No Matter,

For Once Again

The Cost Will be Dared

Reality be Damned

Perpetual©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/18/2012)

3 Responses to “Perpetual”

  1. Ah, The Fallen!! I really liked this one Lenny, it has a taste of ethereal…

    • Gav,
      Thank You…….I Really Felt Unsure with this Piece.
      LOL, I’m Not Sure What is Truly Says about My Tendency or Liking towards the Ethereal/Spacey/Abstract a Good Bunch of the Time.

    • Gav,
      This Was One of Those Times and One of those Pieces Where I Could Not Put a Finger on What it was Exactly that had Me Feeling Unsure, but I Too a Chance and Just Submitted.

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