A Moment’s Kiss

A Moment’s Kiss


Hesitation’s pause


like longest hours


there for the taking

but for an ever twirling dance

…uncertainty’s cold paralysis


lost moments

 …ticking off

never once halted

time’s staid guardianship




the plane of indecision is broken


this, the first of many


stolen moments



A Moment’s Kiss©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(12/29/2012)


8 Responses to “A Moment’s Kiss”

  1. I linger at ‘alas’…there to resolve

  2. How many times I have wasted time and felt uncertainty’s cold paralysis. Such a telling phrase.

  3. beautiful wording. perhaps to take something is if you never return-it ….. ; )

    • Thank You,
      ‘perhaps to take something is if you never return-it ….. ; )’

      So Many Way to Take, Perhaps The Sweetest is if Truly Offered Freely without Conditions, A Complete Air of Innocent about the Acts….
      I Wrote from the Perspective of a Young Guy Some 42 Years Back, Made Me Smile Many Times Over.

  4. He who hesitates is lost…but then again, much can be gained in the lingering
    Lovely reflections Len 😉

  5. Reblogged this on leng64.

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