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Haiku 01272013

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pureness (Photo credit: federico.ricci)

Haiku 01272013


Intemerate Lines

Never Meant to be Sullied 

Unobscured Pureness

Haiku01272013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/27/2013)


Haiku 01223013

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Haiku 01223013


Heroes Gone Too Soon

Bullets Still Only One Voice

Essence Radiates

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The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)

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The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)

Death’s Spectre, I’ll Follow Not,

Thy Foul Shadow’s Jagged Course

–Through  Mazed  Theatres,

Wars of Past and of the Stark Future.

The Fevered Jingoism Never has Never had an Allure

Outright Rejected, a Corruptive Influence,

So Many a Warped Vision

May Fouling Stench of Rotting Flesh of the Fallen,

Besmirch Those Battlers Partaking of  the Putrefactive Nectar

….Solitary Ambivalence,

A Nullifying Counterpoint to Your Angried Call To Arms

Let The Rhetoric Build,  Deaf Ears Turned in Defference

I’ll Know No War


The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(11/13/2012)

ad infinitum(Spirit Dancer)

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Infinitum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Glory (Photo credit: mr lynch)


Glory (Photo credit: DCZwick)

ad  infinitum(Spirit Dancer)


And So

The Conversations Wandered

Off to Places

Of Vast Glories and Beauties….

Seemingly with No End.

Wonders Beyond

the Limitations

Of Mortally Framed Imaginations

Along the Tattered Fringes

Of Stilled Perception..


All Remains Surrealistically Quiet


ad  infinitum(Spirit Dancer)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/02/2013)


**Thanks to Both Jenny Gray and Bonnie Classen for a Much Inspired Conversation Much Earlier in January.

Haiku 01212013

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The Wretch

The Wretch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Haiku 01212013


Cold Duplicity

Thievery in Disguises

Malfeasance in Wait


Cold Winds Brittle Times

Vagrant Dull Pained Existence

Not Sure Tomorrow


Leering Face of Times

Stark Barrenness Trademark Poor

No Place Left to Go


Turning Blind Eye forth

Only to Look Past

Desolation Wretch

Haiku01212013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/21/2013)


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Interlopers Crimes

Stolen Lands, Modern Day Crimes

Legacy Discord



Prejudices Learned

Hateful Words Meant to Bring Down

Enmity Reflects    



Past Injustices

Finding All Resolutions

No Stones Left Unturned



Wishful Thoughts New Starts

Dreams Made Out of These Sorts Things

Wipe Slate Clean Today

Haiku01182013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/18/2013)


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English: Papyrus Nash, fragment of the Ten Com...

English: Papyrus Nash, fragment of the Ten Commandments and the Shema Yisrael prayer, found 1930 in Egypt Česky: Papyrus Nash, fragment obsahující desatero a modlitbu Šema Jisrael, nalezen 1930 v Egyptě (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The First Paragraph of the Shema as written in...

The First Paragraph of the Shema as written in a Torah scroll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Frozen Ambivalance

Almost Intoxicated by Waves

of Indifference

A Complete Inability

to Ascertain

Truth from Lies,

Where Exaggerations Would

Reign Dominant

Slippery Slopes

Where Neither Footing

nor Gripping Possible

Trading Freely,

Equilibrium for Constant the State of Flux

At the Last Minute

Unforseen Opportunity

To finally Escape

the Clutches of

Blind Servitude

And Shadows of More Gods than Can be Named

That Seemed

to Always

Shadow from Childhood


So Foreign

Complete Openness

Tasting for Once

The Sweet Freedom



Shema©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/14/2013)


Haiku 011113

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american haiku

american haiku (Photo credit: romana klee)

Haiku 011113


Colours Once My Scheme

Mixed Among Life’s Broadened Swirl

Open Eyes to Finish    

Haiku011113©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/11/2013)

Cosmic Messenger

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Cosmic Messenger


And as We Spoke of an Angel’s Quest

With None But the Clouds Themselves

to Hold Back Lofty Intentions

It Was Asked

But Where The Heart?

Braveness of Intention Spoken with Words

that Seemed Once to Ring both Loud and True

It Was Asked

But Where Do Thy Intentions Truly Lie?

……Falling Back to Earth

Weighted Down By Pure Mortal Haughtiness

The Brightness of Sunlight Exposed the Waxed Wings to Light

Cosmic Messenger©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/10/2013)

The Emptied Tree

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The Emptied Tree


Time Escapes

Dulled Whimsies


All that Remain.

Lingerings  of

Cold Sensation

But What is Left?

But For

a Plethora

Empty Platitudes

Left to Ring


…Ears to Mind


Gradually Built

Over Time

To become

a Frenzied Crescendo




For the Rolling of Endless Skies

Of the


Grayed Season



Dearth of Empathy


The Emptied Tree©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/06/2013)

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