Cosmic Messenger

Cosmic Messenger


And as We Spoke of an Angel’s Quest

With None But the Clouds Themselves

to Hold Back Lofty Intentions

It Was Asked

But Where The Heart?

Braveness of Intention Spoken with Words

that Seemed Once to Ring both Loud and True

It Was Asked

But Where Do Thy Intentions Truly Lie?

……Falling Back to Earth

Weighted Down By Pure Mortal Haughtiness

The Brightness of Sunlight Exposed the Waxed Wings to Light

Cosmic Messenger©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/10/2013)

2 Responses to “Cosmic Messenger”

  1. Wow. I love this one. Some deep pondering going on, there. And allusion to Icarus, too! I tried to figure out once which was more important, right ‘intention’ or right ‘action’…I couldn’t decide and I think I ended up veering slightly towards right ‘action’, because that is what would be remembered/known by others. Then it was pointed out to me that they’re not supposed to be separated – they are equally important, because they’re supposed to be the same. 🙂 And…when you think about it, at least Icarus had the guts to put his idea into action, right?

  2. Thank You!
    We All Have Those Days Where The Deep and Philosopical Come Easily.
    Both are Important, I lean Towards Action-being about Something.

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