English: Papyrus Nash, fragment of the Ten Com...

English: Papyrus Nash, fragment of the Ten Commandments and the Shema Yisrael prayer, found 1930 in Egypt Česky: Papyrus Nash, fragment obsahující desatero a modlitbu Šema Jisrael, nalezen 1930 v Egyptě (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The First Paragraph of the Shema as written in...

The First Paragraph of the Shema as written in a Torah scroll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


 Frozen Ambivalance

Almost Intoxicated by Waves

of Indifference

A Complete Inability

to Ascertain

Truth from Lies,

Where Exaggerations Would

Reign Dominant

Slippery Slopes

Where Neither Footing

nor Gripping Possible

Trading Freely,

Equilibrium for Constant the State of Flux

At the Last Minute

Unforseen Opportunity

To finally Escape

the Clutches of

Blind Servitude

And Shadows of More Gods than Can be Named

That Seemed

to Always

Shadow from Childhood


So Foreign

Complete Openness

Tasting for Once

The Sweet Freedom



Shema©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/14/2013)


6 Responses to “Shema”

  1. Liked it there and loved it here Len, I think the photo makes a great deal of difference!

    • Gavriel, Thanks!
      Wordpress Makes It a Lot Easier to Combine Both Verse and Image. When I’m on FB I Cannot always Figure on What to Combine with What…

      • I think now you can upload multiple images with a post. We need to make use of all that progress and technology has to offer! I think the old poets would have done the same if they would have had computers! 🙂

        • Gavriel,
          No Doubt that Some of The Old Poets Would Take Advantage.
          Both Yourself and a Number of Talented Poets from TSOP Combine Both Excellent Verse and Striking Images. I’m Still Working at that. Peace and Thanks My Friend!

  2. Independence from…what, Religion? Doctrine? Dogma? I agree that the photos make this even more compelling.

  3. Independence from a Catholic Background…….and Things that I’ve Managed to Hold Onto for Years for No Good Reason.
    Sort of My Declaration of Independence, and asking that it be Heard(Shema)….

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