The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)

The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)

Death’s Spectre, I’ll Follow Not,

Thy Foul Shadow’s Jagged Course

–Through  Mazed  Theatres,

Wars of Past and of the Stark Future.

The Fevered Jingoism Never has Never had an Allure

Outright Rejected, a Corruptive Influence,

So Many a Warped Vision

May Fouling Stench of Rotting Flesh of the Fallen,

Besmirch Those Battlers Partaking of  the Putrefactive Nectar

….Solitary Ambivalence,

A Nullifying Counterpoint to Your Angried Call To Arms

Let The Rhetoric Build,  Deaf Ears Turned in Defference

I’ll Know No War


The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(11/13/2012)

7 Responses to “The Pacifist’s Dreams and Visions(Ennui)”

  1. Len…this is fantastic!

  2. peace most certainly achieved through inner sight.

  3. I wish that everyone had this vision. Do you suppose that war is human nature? Like, that we’re predisposed to it, somehow? Anyway, I liked this poem, Len. Sorry I’ve been away from commenting for so long.

  4. I’m Not Certain if it is Our Nature-Sure Seems that Way based on History.

    Hey, No Need for Apologies-Life Happens.
    I’m Happy that We are able to Check-in When We Can.
    Best To You!

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