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Haiku 011113

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american haiku

american haiku (Photo credit: romana klee)

Haiku 011113


Colours Once My Scheme

Mixed Among Life’s Broadened Swirl

Open Eyes to Finish    

Haiku011113©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/11/2013)

Cosmic Messenger

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Cosmic Messenger


And as We Spoke of an Angel’s Quest

With None But the Clouds Themselves

to Hold Back Lofty Intentions

It Was Asked

But Where The Heart?

Braveness of Intention Spoken with Words

that Seemed Once to Ring both Loud and True

It Was Asked

But Where Do Thy Intentions Truly Lie?

……Falling Back to Earth

Weighted Down By Pure Mortal Haughtiness

The Brightness of Sunlight Exposed the Waxed Wings to Light

Cosmic Messenger©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/10/2013)

The Emptied Tree

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The Emptied Tree


Time Escapes

Dulled Whimsies


All that Remain.

Lingerings  of

Cold Sensation

But What is Left?

But For

a Plethora

Empty Platitudes

Left to Ring


…Ears to Mind


Gradually Built

Over Time

To become

a Frenzied Crescendo




For the Rolling of Endless Skies

Of the


Grayed Season



Dearth of Empathy


The Emptied Tree©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/06/2013)

Free-Formed Haiku 01032013

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English: Haiku of Basho

English: Haiku of Basho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free-Formed Haiku0 01032013


Velvet Darkness Masks

Relative Still of Cold Morn

Mankind Creeps Outside


Free-Formed Haiku01032013

Radical Charge

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Radical earth

Radical earth (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radical road

Radical road (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radical Charge


Seeing Through One’s

Very Own

Rose Coloured Glasses

A World of

Self-Molded Realities


Take a Dare

Hop The Stoop,

Crawl Down a New/Old Path


Filtered Daylight

Allows the Jeering Shadows

To Creep

And Tend to Lives

All Their Very Own



Dangers Around Each of the Corners


Feel The Pain

Smell the Fears

Hear The Noise

Taste The Disease


Never to be the Same

Ever Again.


Radical Charge©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(01/02/2013)


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