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The Prisoners

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Senseless Violence

Senseless Violence (Photo credit: Thomas Hawk)

The Prisoners

Looking warily out

gated windows,


multiple locks

are merely symptomatic

lined down

thick wooden

doored domiciles

lining block after block

in the cities

of the


eyed the moving


ever threatening

out of exposed corners

without fail

fingers point

never realizing

own responsibility

towards  long


a languid awareness

now where


accusations exist,

long a slumbering


ever completely unaware

of  already having

been imprisoned

by our own societal choices

staring down at our own shackles:




senseless violence










The Prisoners©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/27/2013)



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turning a blind eye

towards what mostly scares you

utopian dream



apathy runs wild

desensitized walls up high

blindness convenient

Haiku02262013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/26/2013)

Winter Night’s Swoon

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English: "Midsummer Nights Dream Act IV S...

English: “Midsummer Nights Dream Act IV Scene I–A wood – Titiania Titania, queen of the fairies, Bottom, fairies attending & etc.” engraving Français : Le Songe d’une nuit d’été Acte IV Scène I — La clairière – Titania (reine des fées), Bottom, les fées présentes & etc. gravure (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Winter Night’s Swoon


Only in

the grayed wisps

of many


dreampt reverie

or many


have i


endless paths


wind and curl



ascending to


whispy clouds

far above

away from


human trappings


catacombed dungeons


of these

mortal boundaries



Winter Night’s Swoon©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/26/2013)

Smithy(of all Tracks and Roads Leading West)

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Smithy(of all Tracks and Roads Leading West)


Tall bearded fellow, with graying hair comes through the front door, and  makes his way through burger joint late on this saturday afternoon.

 Smithy makes his way across the room to our last row with chooses a seat quite near the windows facing east and nearest to an exit.

 When finished with my own meal, I’m not satisfied to look past, or through the man to three seats to my left who still continues to sip from a Mcdonald’s Coffee Cup and read from a local saturday news rag.

 From three tables away, We both exchange glances, and nods-silent acknowledgments.

 One of many Questions about what day of the week it is, the month, the date of the month, what time it are asked to anybody who dared not to ignore the fellow with the well-worn army jacket.

Smithy’s memory issues jostle my own recollections  of running into the many homeless and unfortunate with that same well-worn expressions.

 My peace and conscience now are well rattled, an inner empathy blazing.

I make my way over to Smithy and offer the remainder of my food to him.

He happily and quite gratefully accepts the food, and soon sets about devouring the remaining foodstuffs with an urgency of one that has not seen many meals in the recent past.

 A short time later, I walk up  the front counter with Smithy and ask about any more food that can be purchased for him with last the few dollars and loose change that remain in my pocket.

Smithy pleads that the money can be best spent for a train ride west to lombard on the following day(Sunday).

Going against both personal philosophy and experience from living in Chicago, I hand over the few remaining dollars and loose pocket change.

From past experience, I would much rather feed somebody on the spot than offer money that could be used to feed existing negative behaviours.

 My heart aches in the fact that I could not do any more for this man, and it’s not difficult at all to see that Smithy has been down some roads in life that have not been kind in the least.

 Smithy’s memory issues jostle my own recollections  of running into the many homeless and unfortunate with that same well-worn expressions. Living or lingering amongst the subway rats each day and each night- Home sweet home indeed.

The same then garbled questions, .nights and days travelling by subway and bus into Chicago for overnight working gigs, and

God, that far-away look deep within those eyes—the look that I’m Certain that I’d rather not EVER have to walk a step in his Shoes.  

 The time came to part ways, Smithy and I Shook hands and my last words to him were ‘Brother, take the greatest of care, and be careful’.

 Some 31 hours later, I still wonder about Smithy’s future travels, whereabouts, and circumstances. 


…..Kol Tuv my friend

Smithy(of all Tracks and Roads Leading West)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/23/2013)

North Chicago 02/15/2013

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North Chicago, Illinois

North Chicago, Illinois (Photo credit: The West End)

North Chicago 02/15/2013


One Cold Winter

While Out and About

a Teen Mother

that Dared to have

Goals, Dreams, and Visions

Felled by a Bullet

That was

Intended for Another

Gun Fired

by Yet another Coward

One More of the

Nameless N’er do Well


on Settling Petty Scores

Even if the Cost


Countless Life or Lives

What Does Another Matter Anyway?

Mere Collateral Damage

The Price Paid

Typical, Low-Life Gangster Squabbles

Snuffs Out

So Much

In the Way of

Unrealized Promise

Of all The Costs

Of the Innocent Lost


How Many More?

When Does It Stop? 


How About Now……



RIP Janay Mcfarlane

North Chicago 02/15/2013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/19/2013)

High Wire….

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High Wire….


A Horrific PreCognition Came Upon Him,  as if a Thousand Eyes Were Staring with

the Most Serious of Intent.

His Heart Pounds,  With What Seems to be Ten Times Quicker With Each Successive Moment.  

Cold Beads of Sweat Drip Down Upon Heated Skin, as if some Torturesome Physical Counterpoint.

Thoughts Race at an ever  Accelerating Rate……One to a Thousand to a Million….Continuing an Angst Ridden Onslaught on an already Highly Much Mind.

A Glass of Ice Water Shakes in His Left Hand, Still Manages to Hold What Remains of a Much  Maligned Resolve and Quietly Stares Intently at the Well Weathered Oaken Floor….Finally Managing a Sip to Parched Lips.

His Eyes Dart from Left to Right to Up  and Down…as if the Remedy to this Building Madness Were to Magically Appear Out of Some Darkened Far Corner of the Room.  

Breathe, Must Breathe ………Uhhhhhhhhh-Phuuuhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhh-Phuuuhhhhh, Long and Deep the Air is finally Pulled into Lungs None Too Anxious to Receive, Held for Scant Moments and then Forcibly Exhaled out.

Almost and at Last a Final Try at Collecting Himself.

Slowly and with Much Trepidation, He  Makes the Way Up to an Awkward Standing Position.

His legs Seem to Wobble Under the Body’s Full Weight.  Tense Hands with ever Clumsy Fingers Attempt to Gather Notes, Only then able to Make His Way Forward Toward the Podium.

The House Lights are Temporarily Blinding, Attempts to Readjust Vision with a Quick Closing and Opening of Eyes..

Focused Vision, The Light-Headedness is Now Gone and He Breathes Slowly….

The Notes in-Hand are Shuffled Again, His Mouth Finally Opens and the Voice Booms with a Newborn Confidence Over the House P.A. System.

High Wire©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/17/2013)

Unhinged(What Lies Beneath)

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What Lies Beneath

What Lies Beneath (Photo credit: rightee)

Unhinged(What Lies Beneath)




Many Storms of Abuse



Still Navigates

the Ever Murky Depths

of Too Many

Pained Yesterdays

The Children of Yesteryear

are Today’s Adults

Survivors All Told

Not Totally Broken,

Yet Pensive


a Survivor’s Ultimate

Price that has to be Paid

The Depth

of His Piercing Eyes

Tell Tales

Where Words Not Possibly Adequate

to ever Convey

Nor Powerful Enough

to Get a Fraction of the Reality Across.

Sees a World in the Purest

and Most Stringent

of Absolute Black and White

Strong Words

Sentiments Run Deep and Long

Through the Fabric

Of this One’s Humanity

Each New Tomorrow brings Levels of Peace

Even if the Memories

Burn On……


Unhinged(What Lies Beneath)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/13/2013)



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Malfeasance Drips Off

 of Sneering Lips

No Longer Attuned

and with a Keen Disinterest

In Holding Back

On the Continued

Blasts of Fiery Vitriol

Born of

Unresolved Animosities

Still Long Smoldering

not  Dead or Buried-

-by any Means

Long Losing Sight

Of the Possibility

Who All Played

What Responsibility and Where


Forgiveness Somewhere Yet Lurks…..


Repartee©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/07/2013)


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Yesterdays Regret

Ringing Out O’er Chance Not Grabbed

Today New Juncture


Haiku02052013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/05/2013)

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