Malfeasance Drips Off

 of Sneering Lips

No Longer Attuned

and with a Keen Disinterest

In Holding Back

On the Continued

Blasts of Fiery Vitriol

Born of

Unresolved Animosities

Still Long Smoldering

not  Dead or Buried-

-by any Means

Long Losing Sight

Of the Possibility

Who All Played

What Responsibility and Where


Forgiveness Somewhere Yet Lurks…..


Repartee©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/07/2013)

One Response to “Repartee”

  1. Mmmmm…it’s harder to come by in some circumstances than others, eh? (Forgiveness, I mean). But then, I suppose the situations which challenge us the most re: forgiveness are the ones which most need our attention to it. :-/ Funny how that works. Not fun, at all, but necessary.

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