High Wire….

High Wire….


A Horrific PreCognition Came Upon Him,  as if a Thousand Eyes Were Staring with

the Most Serious of Intent.

His Heart Pounds,  With What Seems to be Ten Times Quicker With Each Successive Moment.  

Cold Beads of Sweat Drip Down Upon Heated Skin, as if some Torturesome Physical Counterpoint.

Thoughts Race at an ever  Accelerating Rate……One to a Thousand to a Million….Continuing an Angst Ridden Onslaught on an already Highly Much Mind.

A Glass of Ice Water Shakes in His Left Hand, Still Manages to Hold What Remains of a Much  Maligned Resolve and Quietly Stares Intently at the Well Weathered Oaken Floor….Finally Managing a Sip to Parched Lips.

His Eyes Dart from Left to Right to Up  and Down…as if the Remedy to this Building Madness Were to Magically Appear Out of Some Darkened Far Corner of the Room.  

Breathe, Must Breathe ………Uhhhhhhhhh-Phuuuhhhhh Uhhhhhhhhh-Phuuuhhhhh, Long and Deep the Air is finally Pulled into Lungs None Too Anxious to Receive, Held for Scant Moments and then Forcibly Exhaled out.

Almost and at Last a Final Try at Collecting Himself.

Slowly and with Much Trepidation, He  Makes the Way Up to an Awkward Standing Position.

His legs Seem to Wobble Under the Body’s Full Weight.  Tense Hands with ever Clumsy Fingers Attempt to Gather Notes, Only then able to Make His Way Forward Toward the Podium.

The House Lights are Temporarily Blinding, Attempts to Readjust Vision with a Quick Closing and Opening of Eyes..

Focused Vision, The Light-Headedness is Now Gone and He Breathes Slowly….

The Notes in-Hand are Shuffled Again, His Mouth Finally Opens and the Voice Booms with a Newborn Confidence Over the House P.A. System.

High Wire©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/17/2013)


6 Responses to “High Wire….”

  1. Ten days now Len!
    Don’t need a drink to get up on stage 🙂

    Good one brother!

  2. Stage fright will find you no matter the audience…..great piece!!

  3. JOHN…..LOL!
    Brother Thanks as Always!

  4. slammin in Chitown
    good stuff Len

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