North Chicago 02/15/2013

North Chicago, Illinois

North Chicago, Illinois (Photo credit: The West End)

North Chicago 02/15/2013


One Cold Winter

While Out and About

a Teen Mother

that Dared to have

Goals, Dreams, and Visions

Felled by a Bullet

That was

Intended for Another

Gun Fired

by Yet another Coward

One More of the

Nameless N’er do Well


on Settling Petty Scores

Even if the Cost


Countless Life or Lives

What Does Another Matter Anyway?

Mere Collateral Damage

The Price Paid

Typical, Low-Life Gangster Squabbles

Snuffs Out

So Much

In the Way of

Unrealized Promise

Of all The Costs

Of the Innocent Lost


How Many More?

When Does It Stop? 


How About Now……



RIP Janay Mcfarlane

North Chicago 02/15/2013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(02/19/2013)

6 Responses to “North Chicago 02/15/2013”

  1. I honor your tribute, Len…everyday, a new sadness.

    • Thank You So Much…..
      Perhaps Wishful Thinking on My Part, But I’d Like to Think of Our Roles perhaps to be Complete Opposites to the Negativity in Our Words, Actions, and even Our Creative Outlets to Counteract the Negativity.

  2. How many more indeed?
    Methinks the human race has a loong way to go yet, we’re still babes; or animals…

    • John,
      John, I’ll Opt for Us being Babes without Diretion, without a Moral Compass.
      Our Lack of Inhumanity in this Day and Age Goes Beyond Words.
      We have Choice…..and I’m Frightened to Think that The Choice to Kill without Thought is an Option Yet It’s Happening Somewhere to Someone at all Times.

  3. 😦 I’m so sorry. Words cannot convey much more than sympathy in a case like this, but if I could make it better, I would.

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