Entreaty(Daring to Approach Ubiquity)

Entreaty(Daring to Approach Ubiquity)


Imploring to ears impartial

bleeting the sounds

 heterogeneous cacophony

endless the wailings

buried in languid despondencies

seemingly afar

of ethereal quality

presences, places

where varied  voices and tongues

calling out

amidst the torturous throes

desperations, pains, 

places, where time dared to stand still

while every last minute hung in the balance 

seemingly with unflinching

and impervious purpose

still unrequited  blindness in dedication

never once asking why

eventually the balance broken

felled by rows of faulted requitals

and hidden dearths

inner darknesses excised

no longer capable in their slumbered hidings

shackled down with chains of  guilt

with weight unmeasurable

most self damning miseries

emptiness, lonliness, isolation of guilt

a calling out


attempting to scratch a modicum of sense

out of circumstances

long and lost

where the reality of it’s passing quickness

tepid their hearts and insipid the intent of the hearts


Entreaty(Daring to Approach Ubiquity)©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(03/12/2013)


4 Responses to “Entreaty(Daring to Approach Ubiquity)”

  1. What an amazing piece of modern literature Lenny, Bowing to you from this side of the world!

  2. Wow, there is quite a bit to chew on in this. I know that apathy can be appealing in its numbness, but we all have to feel at some point – that’s how we know we are living and not simply existing. Ironically enough, it’s what makes us human and also lifts us up above mere “humanity”. 🙂 Interesting write, my friend.

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