Celestial Wonderings

Celestial Observer

Celestial Observer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Celestial Wonderings


celestial allurment

star-kissed glimmerings and twinklings

up highest

against a backdrop

framed of pure darkness

timeless pullings


inner callings

eyes, hearts, souls, and minds

we built

endless fables, fascinations, and fabrications

over countless ages

monuments to ourselves


our place in time

temporary footprints in sands of time

hopelessly recumbent chasers

of ancient light

and secrets

that time never really held true

Celestial Wonderings©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(06/10/2013)



4 Responses to “Celestial Wonderings”

  1. ah — truth is relative. perhaps time only decorates it ….

  2. Truth is never an exact science…

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