Thankfully not fading at all with time

How quickly,

the years had already gone by

Since your passing

I’m finding that we were much more alike than I once might have admitted to…..

Life does make some things painfully apparent


We both made our peace, so many years ago

Big enough, to bury hatchets

Things, differences, and People

 of a much different time

so long ago


You are  loved, never to be forgotten

Dad©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(06/16/2013)

7 Responses to “Dad”

  1. wonderful tribute …can be scary when find yourself becoming your parent.

  2. I can sympathize, my father died at age thirty-nine (without notice – stroke), days before I would turn seventeen. Our last discussion was an argument…never again.

    • My Dad at 59, a combination of Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, and Heart Problems.
      I’ve taken your attitude, and used a ‘never again’ attitude if I could possibly resolved a situation and make peace, it will be done.

      I have so many reminders(Especially when in Chicago),even after all these years-I can smile and be at peace.

  3. That’s about all we can ask, that moving on is possible and we are, at least to an acceptable degree, at peace.

  4. We all become our parents. I didn’t used to believe that, but the older I get, the more I see how true it is. I’m sorry that you lost your father, Len. I lost mine (he was 60) and it was far too soon. It’s good that you can be at peace with the loss.

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