Poetic Fragments



Sudden rainstorm,

for a short time

the world seems 

to stop

there is a brief,

 but gentle ease and peace

in the relative stillness.

….after the storm

raindrops drip down

finding the way

to the trees, leaves, and flowers


puddled on the ground

while far up and above

birds again begin to chirp their songs

beauteous odes to nature

almost as announcements


 the storm clouds depart

the sun, in all it’s  brilliance

shines once again

…..everything resumes


not at all

having lost a single step

Poetic Fragments06282013A1©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(06/28/2013)



2 Responses to “Poetic Fragments”

  1. summer rain is what we can use here, i darn near passed out when stepped outside for a bit

    • We’re have some crazy summer weather patterns here. Violent storms, flooding, 2-3 days with temps in the 80’s, perhaps even one day in the 90’s then plummetting down to the 60’s. It’s getting to where I dread a simple rainstorm…..

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