English: Bearing the cold Two forlorn and snow...

English: Bearing the cold Two forlorn and snow-covered teddy bears sit on top of a fence at the edge of Elmstead Woods. Were they abandoned by uncaring owners, or are they waiting for the weather to improve for a picnic? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



one’s cold callous uncaring

many effected


Senryu06282013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(06/28/2013)

4 Responses to “Senryu”

  1. Well at least they had each other
    I could’t bear to think of them alone

  2. well some have odd definitions of purpose

    • E,
      No Doubt.
      The lonnnng story behind this Senryu:

      We just had our spoken word gig crashed down on thursday. The coffeehouse had a management change on monday, the new manager was not made aware of our group having scheduled three months worth of gigs some month’s ago. To top it off, the old manager’s wife scheduled a ladies night, promptly bumping our event-i didn’t find out till thursday afternoon then had to scramble about making calls, email, and texts to indicate the cancellation. Two years of effort built on trying to build this event simply went POOF! The whole stinker of it all is that this cancelled gig looked to have 6-8 Poets/Novelist/Humorist and 15-20 people total in the audience just for this gig-that no doubt would have been a decent boost for sales.

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