Two Worlds

Two Worlds



only the sounds of happiness


of different races and creeds

freely mix and play

under a shaded canopy


stretching into the sky

their youthful minds

only aware

of green grass and games

behind them

the sounds and mixed conversations of the adult world

echoed on into the afternoon


Two Worlds©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(07/13/2013)

12 Responses to “Two Worlds”

  1. i miss being part of the children’s group…. a perfect description

    • E, as do I.
      Saturday afternoon was loaded, enjoying the children scattered and playing all around this massive backyard.
      The question kept coming to me in between conversations ‘How much have we forgotten, or lost?’
      While We adults shared some deep, deep, deep conversations up till the time we left around 10:30.
      I’ve always tried to take the role of being the unattached observer, thankfully there are times where that is neither possible or neccesary.

  2. Ndinokuda zimbabwe, ndokuyisa payiko? Mukanwa ungazara mate, muhomwe haukwani, muhapwa ungazonhuwa dikita. Uri nyika yohuchi nomukaka, kubva zambezi kusvika Limpopo matatya. Dai uri tsvigiri ndaikukurungirira mu putugadzike, Dai uri nzimbe ndaidya namakanda, uri sadza ndaikubikira nyama. Dai uri munyu ndaikurunga muusavi. Ndinokuda Zimbabwe. Dai urigomo ndaikwira nyamatsatse. Uri rwendo ndaifamba kusvika ndasvika. Muchikwama ungazobiwa namatsotsi. Ndinokuda Zimbabwe, ndokutakurira payiko?

  3. othermary Says:

    They are really very different worlds. Good capture.

  4. Thank you for stopping by, and for following my blog…you are very talented and I enjoy your work. Ann

    • Ann,
      Thank You so very much!
      It’s what makes the WordPress, Facebook, and Twitter worlds well worth the time.
      I enjoy your blog and overall work-many thanks!

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