Seeking the Evens

Seeking the Evens


confluence and convergence

those daring chase any slivers of hope

…..clearly hearing celestial harmonies

amongst the droning cacophony of the day


equity and symmetry

like countless shards of refracted light

…..hope, within trails of positivity

facing an overwhelming burden  of adversity


perhaps, in the end

only utopian flavoured pipe dreams….




ever searching…..


ever hoping….


ever reaching….


ever longing….


Seeking the Evens©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(05/29/2013)



Thanks to  Alma Delacruz Gossman for her friendship and influence

This Piece Influenced by Alma Delacruz Gossman’s  ‘Struck by Your Light’ from earlier in 2013.


……. to synchronicity my dear friend…….




4 Responses to “Seeking the Evens”

  1. The aural elements described in lines 3 & 4 are translated into words very impressively. Indeed, the tone of whole piece sounds particularly easy on the ear. Much enjoyed, thank you.

  2. nice len… droning cacophony of the day……

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