Dented Saint

Dented Saint


In chasing shadows

a crushing of anxiety

a building of uncertainty

the only certainty-

-are the pains that will have to be endured


their hurt will be without end

their suffering without end

their peace will be crushed down to fragments

their resolve will be broken

no worry


… of you will be taken as well  


gradual building of giants

small things with exaggerated shadows

elongated phantom forms

magnified sounds and imagined torments


the enormity

of our burdens



your pain




my empathy


I see no other choice


but to carry……



truth be, I would know no other way


Dented Saint©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved(09/07/2013)

6 Responses to “Dented Saint”

  1. very heartfelt write ….

  2. there is always a certain bravery to speaking out……too often we make our own hells, Len. when first got on the internet i realized complaining was my favorite sport. unfortunately that only attracts other problem solvers. for the record i don’t believe in eternal pain, but wherever you go there you are…..biggest challenge is to give ourselves a break.

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