Poetic Fragments


Hello Old Friend,

Just where have the years gone to?

Remember some of the shit we used to get away with back in the day?

apple-flinging, sometimes over four story buildings, other times through windows

pellet shots, here, there, and everywhere, no stranger to ducking under fists and flying bottles

no rhyme or reason…….just typical neighborhood stuff


Being in altered states….

just about every weekend

bottles for every reason….in any season

Roll another spliff mate? some kind of weekend warriors….

monday mornings still slapped reality into our red eyes  and blurry minds


We both straightened up

managing to clean up and get married,

who would have thought…..or believed?

thirty years ago……when we were kids just out of high school

swear that we knew everything…..about everything and anything


Twenty four years

since your move to michigan

i can still recall watching the car pulling away

It’s been a long time between goodbye, farewell, and handshakes

why are the last words still so fuzzy?


in times of difficulty,

i will still recall your favorite saying:

‘sometimes you just have to ask, what the fuck?’….with that shit easting grin

It seems to still make the leap into the unknown and uncomfortable

just a bit easier……


And only in the last year

did I finally hear of your passing

Our paths were forced to split there

Some find both peace and forgiveness in the journey forward

others doomed to live on in memories…..graying yesteryears. 


Poetic Fragments12202013©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


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