Poetic Fragments


Poetic Fragments


come down from your mountains..

come down from your towers

off of your islands..



what was truly learned?

can experiences truly reshape-reform old clay?

how far have you truly come in this journey?

how can your old ways not have been changed?

how can you not see with different eyes?

is there now…room in your heart?

how..can you not hear?

…other voices


…see the tears


…feel the pain

of others?






PoeticFragments01272014©Leonard.C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved


8 Responses to “Poetic Fragments”

  1. I think experience can indeed reshape old clay, though sometimes the result is not what we’ve anticipated or hoped for. Insightful, perceptive.
    Steve K.

  2. i suppose, before can learn, have to be a student of life? more and more it seems that’s where so many differences lie ……

  3. Poetic expressions are really out of this world! A different expression with a difference.

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