Poetic Fragments



Poetic Fragments



one morning


tears and hugs

smiles, and laughs


over so many

people, places, things,

past, present

and happenings


so many years

melt into

the warm glow

of these few golden hours


for this short time

two sisters are


longer seperated

by so many miles


only two girls


dreams and hopes

well into this sunny

august day

Poetic Fragments08042014©Leonard C. Gesinski All Rights Reserved



8 Responses to “Poetic Fragments”

  1. reminds me of how my sister and i got together finally last week after not talking to each other for 3 years …..

    • E,
      I hope that your reunion went well, and that things got smoothed out……3 years is a long time not to have spoken to each other.
      This reunion was imagined……my aunt and cousin are driving in from Texas this weekend. It’s been 20 years since my mom and her sister have been together. I have not seen my cousin since the late 80’s. I’m just hoping that all works out and both sisters have plenty of time to catch up.
      My mother’s dementia appears to be acting up a bit more, this can be brought on by stress, excitement, etc.
      I’m hoping for the best……our family is meeting up on sunday to share a meal at a Polish buffet.
      Thank You!!

      • oh sure hope have a wonderful time….. family is family, my sis and i didn’t stop talking the whole time. do hope your mother gets better, Len…. sending prayers.

        • E,
          Thanks so very much!!
          That is good news for both your sister and yourself, life is too short!

          Unfortunately Mom is about as well as she could be with the M-S(No longer episodic, the damage is done), the dementia is one of those unwanted package deals. We’re going to make this mini family reunion happen, I’m looking forward to it and doing what I could in terms of being the communicator. Our family seems to be scattered all over the states.
          My grandparents were big on keeping everyone together, but that was then and this is now.
          Opportunities to get together are harder and harder to get to or come by, unfortunately funerals are more common for everyone to meet up.
          Thank You Again-Much Appreciated!!

          • always, Len…. our family having reunion party later this month, too….. with all the cousins and everything. hard to say why we get so spread out but it happens. 🙂

            • E,
              Enjoy the family reunion, and let’s both be thankful that we’re healthy enough to enjoy it.

              I think that life has changed, job opportunities take us far and wide. I also belive that people are more willing to chase their dreams nowadays(when it can be afforded). Folks are no longer content to be herded together in large cities, the allure of more green or freedoms take us to the far and wide of places. No doubt countless answers and reasons, I’m just ramblin’ on a bit……lol

              Happy Friday by way of Tuesday Night(at least for us here at work on the vampire shift)

              Thank You!!

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